Bateleur Eagle - Terathopius ecaudatus


The Bateleur Eagle has a short tail which allows it to rock from side to side - ecaudatus from the Latin ecaudis means “shortened”. It can fly at speeds of up to 80 km/hr. It performs magnificent acrobatics during aerial displays, hence its French name ‘bateleur’, which means someone who performs tricks, an acrobat, in reference to the eagle’s flying and agility and the long dives it makes rocking its wingtips from side to side. Juveniles are browny beige in colour, but as adults they have fantastic grey, red and black plumage.

First chick hatched at Le Rocher des Aigles: Noël was born on 24th December, 1994.


CLASS : Aves
ORDER : Falconiformes
FAMILY : Accipitridae
WINGSPAN : 1.9 m
WEIGHT : 1.8 - 2.9 kg
INCUBATION : 52-59 days
DIET : a variety of animals (caught directly or carrion). Small mammals and birds as well as reptiles, fish, birds’ eggs, crabs and insects.
NATURAL HABITAT : it lives in savannahs andopen forests.
RANGE : Africa

Conservation status

Conservation status info

Rocher des Aigles

NT : Near Threatened

Main threats: poisoning, contamination by pesticides, nest disturbance, trapping and loss of habitat. A decline has been observed in the population of the species in its native habitat.