Rules and regulations

The park has been designed to preserve the birds’ privacy. You are on their territory, which means some rules must be followed. These are displayed at the park entrance, but here is a reminder of the main points.

Respect for the birds and the place where they live.

During your visit

Please remember that you must not:
  • Touch or feed the birds
  • Throw projectiles (stones or anything else) at the birds and therefore at the aviaries
  • Knock on the windows of the breeding centre located at the park entrance. The breeding centre is designed for our visitors to observe very young birds, so it is essential to keep their surroundings quiet. Please do not stand on the low wall or tap on the glass
  • Shout to draw the birds attention
  • Mess around, run or make a noise in front of the birds on show
  • Go past the safety barriers
  • Enter the service spaces
  • Climb on the turrets
  • Eat in the display area

During the displays

For the safety of the birds, keepers and visitors, please abide by the rules explained by the commentator before the start of each display.

  • Visitors are not allowed to touch birds in their immediate vicinity
  • During the display, visitors are not allowed to cross the esplanade. If you really have to move, please go around the sides