Welcome to the Rocher des Aigles

Nestling in the heart of the Causses de Quercy Nature Reserve in the arid landscape of Rocamadour, the wild, unspoilt surroundings of Le Rocher des Aigles beckon you on a journey during which you’ll discover and learn about a world where the concept of otherness plays a key role.

The birds of prey and the parrots invite visitors to share their reality – far from putting on a beguiling show full of tricks to deceive the eye as well as a trained imagination, they reveal the part of their wild nature which is still intact as they perform their aerial feats; a challenge for birds born into captivity? Captivity – an upsetting word, yet one which reflects a reality based on facts: a large number of species continue to be threatened, some are in danger of extinction and others have disappeared altogether.

In the face of such challenges, the mission of zoological parks should be the conservation of species and therefore conservation requires a setting.
Birds kept and protected in captivity, that is in a given setting, are living symbols which can enable the species to be reintroduced back into the wild.
Captivity should be seen not as a total deprivation of liberty but as a compromise: some men destroy, others rebuild, and it is up to those who have inherited the mistakes of the past to create a new reality.

At Le Rocher des Aigles, men and women live with the birds they protect day in day out, birds which have turned this place into their territory that visitors enter.
This is their home, whether it is in the aviaries, on their blocks or in the sky, hence the famous saying: “Here you’re in the birds’ territory”.
That tiny speck you can glimpse up in the sky represents an ethos, an embodiment of hope.
It means that not only has it accepted man, but that it trusts him too.
It is living proof that there can be a mutual connection between man and animals, proof that the human method which respects animal integrity is a constructive one.
And finally, it is a sign of authenticity for the visitor who experiences something quite unique and feels the wild, captivating essence of nature which will always take us on the path to humility and knowledge.

You're here on Bird Territory

Behind the scenes

Browse through our virtual book Les coulisses du Rocher des Aigles (Behind the scenes at the Rocher Des Aigles) which looks back over our forty-year history and gives you an insight into everyday life at the park. Its seven chapters take the reader on an odyssey revealing the character and closeness of humans and birds and the strong bonds between them.

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Under the three headings in the “Diurnal, Nocturnal, Parrots” section, you can learn more about the species you’ll be seeing during your visit to the Rocher des Aigles. Every bird in the park has its own information sheet (presentation of the bird, its characteristics, conservation status, threats and protection) and a gallery of photos taken in situ. We have tried, as far as possible, to show you the bird from newly hatched chick to fully grown adult and more photos will gradually be added. Furthermore, the novel use of black and white photos really brings out the beauty of the birds.

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You will attend a demonstration where birds of prey and parrots fly free, as in the wild. The high flight without artifice, specific to Eagles Rock, will allow you to admire the performances of these birds, true athletes, and to appreciate the challenge that this represents: a subtle mix between technical mastery, the confidence of the bird towards its animal and the certainty that it has to be on its territory. The swoop back is always a great moment of emotion.

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Prepare your visit

Here you will find all the useful information you’ll need to make your visit a success, including the opening times and admission prices, directions for getting here, rules and regulations, the various displays, the shop and fast food outlet, FAQ and links.

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You’ll be able to watch or see again the videos of programmes about Le Rocher des Aigles and follow our news.

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News & Archives


Designed as a travelogue, this section tells you all about our involvement in the Nanciyaga project and our investment in the Mexican rainforest. The free flying parrot display you will watch at Rocher des Aigles is a reflection of this commitment as we want to make you aware of the disappearance of their habitat and the serious issue of deforestation, as well as other the threats to these species.

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