Who founded Le Rocher des Aigles?

Le Rocher des Aigles was founded in 1977 by Raphaël Arnaud, who was joined in 1980 by Dominique Maylin. They aimed to raise the general public’s awareness of the need to protect raptors through bird of prey flying displays, the proceeds of which would finance both the breeding facilities and the monitoring of the Peregrine falcon nesting sites in the department of Lot which were being intensively plundered.

Why have you closed the care centre? Is it closed down for good?

The care centre was totally dependent upon Le Rocher des Aigles in order to function: its public interest mission was not met with any recognition or assistance, quite the contrary. After having taken in between 100 and 150 birds a year which were injured or had fallen from the nest, that is 4,000 birds in 37 years, the centre had to stop dead its mission. Why? Financial resources. The care centre actually requires a significant investment both educationally, as regards public information, and financially of around 30,000 euros per year. As Le Rocher des Aigles has no financial reserves and no private or public funding, the mission – in normal circumstances – is extremely hard to support and with the arrival of stiff competition it has become impossible. Therefore the care centre is closed on a permanent basis. This is an enormous waste as we know that, besides our own disappointment, nearly every care centre in France is having to close through lack of financial resources. It seems to us that discouraging empathy for living creatures is the beginning of a slippery slope towards an unravelling humanity. We should point out that the birds in the care centre which are crippled and not fit to be returned to the wild have remained at Le Rocher des Aigles.

Do you organise falconry courses?

At the moment, we don’t organise falconry courses.

Do you accept trainees?

We take on trainees from various schools offering trainer/facilitator courses.

How many species are there at Le Rocher des Aigles?

We have 70 different species. The park is divided into two areas, one of which is for public viewing. The other area is for our old birds, including those taken in by the care centre at Le Rocher des Aigles, to take a well-deserved retirement and also for the display birds to moult in total peace.

Is Le Rocher des Aigles open all year round?

No, you can come and see us from the 1st of April until the 30th of September.

Is Le Rocher des Aigles open on public holidays?

Yes, on the public holidays which fall within our opening period from the 1st of April to the 30th of September.

Can we book?

Yes, it is better for groups to book (please see contact us)

How long does a visit to Le Rocher des Aigles last?

How long do the displays last? It takes about 30 minutes to visit the park, the bird of prey and parrot displays last 1 hour and the presentation of the nocturnal birds lasts 45 minutes.

Is the visit suitable for children?

Can teachers bring their classes to visit the park? The visit is suitable for children and there are information boards on display in front of each aviary. School groups are very welcome.

Does the site have access for the disabled?

Yes, the site has been designed so that people with reduced mobility can move around easily inside the park.

How long are tickets valid for entry?

Admission tickets are valid for the whole day. You can leave the park and come back during the day after your ticket has been stamped and dated at the reception desk.

Are the displays included in the admission price?

Yes, the admission price includes the visit to the park and the displays.

How can I pay?

We accept cheques, holiday vouchers, culture cheques, bank cards and cash. Luncheon vouchers are not accepted.

Can visitors feed the birds?

No, each bird has a special diet suitable for its species so feeding them is strictly forbidden for visitors.

Can visitors touch the birds?/h2>

No. During your visit, you can come up close to the birds, but touching them is strictly forbidden. The park has been designed to preserve the birds’ privacy. You are on their territory, which means some rules have to be followed. It is strictly forbidden to throw projectiles (stones or anything else) at the birds or aviaries, and to knock on the windows of the breeding centre located at the park entrance.

Can visitors have lunch at the site?

Yes, there is a fast food outlet inside the park.

Can dogs be brought to Le Rocher des Aigles?

Yes, but only if kept on a leash.