Blue-winged Macaw - Primolius maracana


The Ara of Illiger is a parrot with green plumage, the forehead is red, the crown is bluish green. Its cheeks are whitish yellow, the belly and lower back are marked with red, the feathers of its wings and tail are blue. Its beak is black.
The eyes of adults are orange-red while the juvenile has brown eyes.

Its French name honour the German ornithologist Johann Karl Wilhelm Illiger.

It is more discreet and less noisy than other large macaws.

The Illiger's Macaw moves in pairs or small groups. In the evening, many individuals gather to spend the night in trees.


CLASS : Birds
ORDER : Psittaciformes
FAMILY : Psittacidae
WINGSPAN : 36-43 cm
WEIGHT : approx. 300 g
CLUTCH SIZE : 2-3 eggs
LIFE EXPECTANCY : about 10 years in the wild and 50 years in captivity
DIET : seeds, fruits
NATURAL HABITAT : evergreen forest, riverside gallery forest
RANGE : mainly in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina

Conservation status

Conservation status info

Rocher des Aigles

NT : Near threatened
It is threatened by deforestation and the development of urban areas that lead to the destruction of its natural habitat, hunting, trapping and agriculture. Its population is in decline, and the decline is gradual.