Tawny Owl - Strix aluco


This is the most widespread nocturnal raptor in Europe. Its Latin name strix means witch and there is nothing more to be said when you know the extent to which these night hunters were persecuted. It loves water and may have a bath every day. People often use its song – in the past the Chouans imitated it to communicate with each other and nowadays the sounds made by the Tawny Owl appear in films to heighten the nocturnal atmosphere.

First chick hatched at Le Rocher des Aigles : 21 April, 2011


CLASS : Aves
ORDER : Strigiformes
FAMILY : Strigidae
WEIGHT : Male 440 g / Female 553 g
CLUTCH SIZE : 3-5 eggs
INCUBATION : 28-30 days
LIFE EXPECTANCY : Records 22 years in the wild, 27 in captivity
DIET : small mammals, birds and insects
NATURAL HABITAT : woods, hedgerows, gardens, urban parks
RANGE : Europe, Asia

Conservation status

Conservation status info

Rocher des Aigles

LC : Least Concern