Yellow-shouldered Amazon - Amazona barbadensis


The Amazon Yellow-shouldered Parrot is a green parrot with a white forehead tending to yellow around the eyes and on the chin. A light blue hue appears on the lower cheeks and around the chin. The shoulders and thighs are yellow. The wing mirror or speculum - a bar drawn on the wing feathers - is red. Dark blue tips on the flight feathers.

Nesting takes place in cavities in trees, cactus or cliffs. Incubation lasts between 22 and 27 days.

The yellow-shouldered Amazon has a tendency to perch in large trees, with groups, up to 700 birds have been observed.


CLASS : Birds
ORDER : Psittaciformes
FAMILY : Psittacidae
WINGSPAN : 33 cm
WEIGHT : about 300g
CLUTCH SIZE : 2-5 eggs
INCUBATION : 22-27 days
LIFE EXPECTANCY : about 12 years in the wild and 50 years in captivity
DIET : seeds, fruits, cactus flowers
NATURAL HABITAT : xerophytic vegetation (dry or desert environment), bushes dominated by cactus and thorny bushes or in trees
RANGE : mainly northern Venezuela, Bonaire, Margarita Islands

Conservation status

Conservation status info

Rocher des Aigles

vu : Vulnerable
This species is threatened mainly because of tourist development that destroys its habitat and illegal hunting. It is also considered harmful in some agricultural regions and urban areas.