Common Buzzard - Buteo buteo


This bird captures the majority of its prey after locating it when flying around in low circles or while lying in wait on a fence post. The courtship displays start in February. A pair with an established territory will stay there all their lives. The young are very dependent and only go off on their own in late summer. It is practically impossible to recognise the buzzard by the colour of its feathers as it varies between individuals, some being very dark and others very light, almost white. That is why it is called ‘variable’ in French.

First chick hatched at Le Rocher des Aigles : 2011


CLASS : Aves
ORDER : Accipitriformes
FAMILY : Accipitridae
WINGSPAN : 1.2 m
WEIGHT : Male 525-1183 g / Female 625-1364 g
CLUTCH SIZE : 2-4 eggs
INCUBATION : 33-38 days
LIFE EXPECTANCY : 15 years (record 25 years)
DIET : an easily-adaptable species: small mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects
NATURAL HABITAT : forest near open areas, farming areas, rocky areas in the mountains. In winter it frequents open fields, steppes and wetlands, on relatively flat terrain at moderate altitude, while in summer it feeds above the tree line in the mountains.
RANGE : Europe, Asia

Conservation status

Conservation status info

Rocher des Aigles

LC : Least Concern

Historically the greatest threats have been persecution, especially through poisoned bait, pesticides and loss of its habitat. The population is currently stable.