Steller’s Sea Eagle - Haliaeetus pelagicus


The Steller’s Sea Eagle, also known as the Pacific Eagle or White-Shouldered Eagle, is one of the world’s largest raptors and also one of the rarest. It is recognised by its black and white plumage and its immense orange-coloured beak. The Steller’s Sea Eagle is a rare raptor with its total population estimated at 5,000 individuals.

At Le Rocher des Aigles: we took in a pair of Steller’s sea eagles in 2015.


CLASS : Aves
ORDER : Accipitriformes
FAMILY : Accipitridae
WINGSPAN : 2.2 - 2,.5 m
WEIGHT : 4.9 - 9 kg
CLUTCH SIZE : 2 eggs
INCUBATION : 38-45 days
LIFE EXPECTANCY : 25 years in the wild
DIET : primarily fish (salmon)
NATURAL HABITAT : shorelines and wooded valleys alongside rivers. It nests near water which provides it with a plentiful supply of food. Most of the time, it builds its nest in the trees near river valleys or in rocky areas on cliffs.
RANGE : Asia, the Kamtchatka Peninsula, along the coasts of the Sea of Okhotsk, in Northern Siberia. When autumn arrives, they fly down south towards the Ussuri, the north of Sakhalin Island, Japan and Korea.

Conservation status

Conservation status info

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VU: Vulnerable

This species is threatened by habitat degradation, pollution, poisoning and overfishing which depletes the fish stocks. Its population is currently dwindling.